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"Keith Richards asks me, 'Do
you fancy a drink?' It's an
offer few of us would

MOJO magazine, September 2015



Hi everyone, welcome to my site. I’m a writer at MOJO magazine, interviewing
and writing features on rock stars, actors, authors and
the occasional politician or two. Plus I edit
MOJO's special editions, write books and scripts, record as Gilbert-Williamson (check out our  'The Tragedy Of Dirk Munro' LP at and play in punks Night Of Treason. I also appear as a vinyl expert on Simon Mayo's Greatest Hits Radio show every Sunday… I'm based near London, so please get in touch if you want to say hello, or to send me your music, film link or anything else...



Latest MOJO specials available here. Come and visit the great record shop myself and two friends have opened in Sevenoaks, Kent. It’s the best in the county and beyond! More info at

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